BCCF say NO to Heathrow Expansion, and YES to creative ideas to help people and the environment.

Giving the go ahead to  Heathrow expansion makes no sense and merely gives advantage to the wealthy and to large corporations rather than the majority of people of this country.

The government’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC) suggests that by 2050, emissions from air traffic in the UK should have returned to the levels they were in 2005. But they allow for a huge 60 per cent growth in flights during this time.

Two significant problems with this are that they assume that the UK will successfully clean up every other sector to create space for air travel to expand and also that airplane technology will improve massively. Can they re-write the laws of physics, or rely on substitute fuels, which in fact lead to more emissions elsewhere in the world…?

More flights mean more misery, noise and air pollution for people on the ground.

And around 800 homes that will have to be bulldozed to make way for a new runway. It is not NIMBYism to say ‘No!’  to an extra runway.


We need genuine investment in infrastructure that will improve people’s lives, cut carbon and provide jobs. For example, a massive program of home insulation; investment in renewable energy to make the UK a world leader in this industry; investment in clean, affordable public transport; faster internet connections for a start.

It’s worth noting that just 15% of people account for 70% all air travel.  A levy on frequent flyers  (seehttp://afreeride.org/) might start to address the problem… and no expansion to Heathrow.

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