Creating the light fantastic: A talk on the psychology of climate breakdown, Wednesday June 12th at 7.30pm

Join us for our monthly meet up on Wednesday June 12th when we’re pleased to welcome Dr Volker Patent from the Open University who will pose the question of how psychology may help in addressing climate breakdown. This talk looks at some of the psychological aspects involved in behaviour change that make dealing with climate change challenging but not impossible. Knowing some of the psychological processes can help in engaging personally as well as other people and help transform oneself, local communities and society as a whole.

There will be time for questions and discussion.
As usual we will be in room G011 (ground floor) of the Gateway Building of the University of Bedfordshire, Polhill Avenue, Bedford. We start promptly at 7.30pm and anticipate finishing by 9pm. Free parking is available on site although we encourage people where possible to travel by more sustainable means if possible!
Our regular BCCF events are free but donations allow us to cover costs and to continue to hold a full and varied program of events.

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