BCCF’s AGM, followed by film, ‘THE GREEN LIE’, Wednesday May 8th 7pm

AGM, May 8th, 7pm
Please join us at the earlier than usual start time of 7pm for our AGM to see what we’ve been doing over the last 12 months. We warmly welcome new committee members. Get in touch if you’d like information.

THE GREEN LIE film starts at 7.30pm

Environmentally friendly electric cars, sustainably produced food, fair production? The big companies would have us believe that we can save the world just by buying the right stuff. But this is a widespread and dangerous lie. In his latest documentary film (2017), Werner Boote joins forces with Katharina Hartmann, an expert in ‘greenwashing’, to explore how we can fight back against this lie. The film not only demonstrates how major companies use huge advertising budgets to make their images “greener” so they can continue unabated to destroy resources and the environment; it also makes the conscious point that sustainable climatic and environmental protection can only be achieved by political means and not just by more aware behaviour on the part of consumers. In his usual entertaining and provocative style Werner sets out to be far from disempowering, however. This exposé of our limited choice as ethical consumers reminds us that our power as individuals does not lie in our wallets, but in our actions and behaviours as voters, citizens and members of our communities.


Find us in Room G011 (Ground floor) of The Gateway Building, University of Bedfordshire, Polhill Avenue, Bedford, MK41 9EA. from 7pm OR just join us 7.30pm for the film. There’s plentiful free car parking but other means of getting there are obviously encouraged!
There will be refreshments. Our events are free but we rely on donations to continue to hold events and film screenings for which we frequently pay a fee. We hope to see you there.

Keep in touch with us!
Twitter: @Bedsccf
Facebook: Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum
Email us: bedsclimatechangeforum@gmail.com 


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