Regenerative Agriculture: Tools for Planetary Repair. Wednesday February 13th.


Join us on Wednesday February 13th to hear from engaging soil scientist Jim Harris of Cranfield University on ‘Ecological restoration and regenerative agriculture: some tools for planetary repair’.

Enhancing food security – whilst minimising effects on our global life support system – is amongst the most important challenges facing society. Our current global approach to food production whilst successful in terms of overall yield is not working effectively in terms of its environmental impacts on climate change, soil and water quality and biodiversity. The effects can be both acute and chronic.

In the same way that there is a move from linear to circular industrial systems, can we move from agricultural systems that degenerate our environment to systems that are “regenerative”? Is there a need to move beyond minimising environmental damage to the creation of positive environmental outcomes? What are the best ways to do this? Jim Harris will explore these topics from the point of a soil scientist whose horizons have done nothing but expand over his life in science, practice and policy.

You may be interested in what the excellent website/book DRAWDOWN has to say about regenerative agriculture which it puts at #11 out of 100 climate change solutions

Join us as usual in Room G011 (ground floor) of the Gateway Building on Polhill Avenue, for a 7.30 sharp start.
There’s no entry charge but donations to cover costs are welcome and enable BCCF to continue to hold a variety of events. Everyone welcome.


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