Reminder: Have your say on Luton Airport Expansion before August 31st deadline.

Have your say at:  or for the general information being put out see: 

And read on for our view on airport expansion…



“The World’s on Fire”, shouted a powerful headline and graphic in The Sun newspaper a few days ago.  It referred to not just to the brutal heatwave that has gripped Britain this summer but also to the extreme heat and disasters that have afflicted much of the earth in both hemispheres.

Meanwhile as people in Luton have sweltered, we have had the consultation on the expansion of the airport – with no connection being made or remotely imagined between climate change and the possible doubling of air passengers.  Transport is now the largest sector source of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK that create global warming.  Very little progress is being made to reduce emissions partly because we want to travel more and more.


“Everyone” expects to travel by plane, and it is just accepted as totally normal.  But air travel is especially damaging to the upper atmosphere, with vapour trails and ozone effects doubling the carbon cost. One long haul flight to the USA uses up an individual’s total affordable “carbon allowance” for a year, it has been suggested.

It is widely agreed that we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2050, but it is estimated that GHG from aviation will have increased to 20% of the expected world total by then.  There is a mismatch here, indicating that it will have been harder to actually achieving the total reduction required.

Collectively we appear to be in denial about the way that our life styles are destroying the planet. Politicians clearly fear that voters would have no truck with any policy that attempted to limit air travel, and aviation was excluded from the Kyoto and Paris Climate agreements.

The consultation over the airport invited choices between the different options for developing the airport.  However, BCCF suggest that we should halt all expansion of air travel.

There may be speculation that electric aircraft are the answer.  Although potentially wonderful, that may be decades away.   If the world is already on fire, in some sense, we should wait until then before risking the future of our children and grandchildren, as well as ourselves.



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