Crowdfunder for Judicial Review vs Environment Agency Granting of Permit to Covanta Incinerator at Stewartby.


BCCF have actively opposed incineration as a model, disagree with the granting of planning permission by Central Government (going against local councillors) and the recent granting of an operating permit by the Environment Agency.

We support a genuine transition to a Circular Economy which ever increasing numbers of incinerators here and in Europe undermine. For safe, sustainable alternatives to incineration see: 

The local BACI group, a coalition of Residents, Parish & Borough Councillors and Action Group Members opposed to the Covanta Incinerator ( , have appointed a well-known environmental law firm to pursue a Judicial Review. You can pledge here:


The areas highlighted by the Barrister are:

  • The EA failed to challenge the incorrect chemistry evidence submitted by Covanta regarding the effect of water on heavy metal residues. Dissolved heavy metals would not be captured in the proposed ‘interceptors’ and would ultimately drain into Stewartby Lake
  • The EA and Covanta failed to –  and made no attempt to – gain meteorological data representative of conditions in Marston Vale. The EA accepted evidence from Covanta based on modelling that is not capable of taking into account Temperature Inversion events that would bring air-borne pollutants down to ground-level
  • The EA accepted Covanta’s calculations of the Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions based on out-of-date EA guidance regarding Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) to Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) conversion rates
  • The EA failed to make Covanta take into account as human receptors the footpaths used by many thousands of visitors per year in the Millennium Country Park/Forest Centre – immediately adjacent to the Rookery site
  • In response to a Freedom of Information request – the EA confirmed that they had failed to request that Covanta carry out a Cost-Benefit analysis ignoring the EA’s own up to date guidance.
  • A supplementary letter was also sent regarding the accumulative effect of the emissions from the Millbrook Power Plant – also to be located at Rookery South – in addition to the emissions from the Covanta Incinerator.


We understand that not everyone can afford to help financially but sharing with family, friends, work colleagues is also really helpful.

Thank you.

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