CIRCULAR ECONOMY & ONE PLANET LIVING event, Wednesday December 13th

BCCF  invite you to our last film screening of this year. We’ve chosen a ‘circular economy’ series of short films/presentations from the brilliant, ground-breaking Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Perhaps you know Ellen MacArthur as a solo round the world yachtswoman? Did you know that, partly inspired by her time at sea, she set up this foundation? It actively promotes and facilitates a global transition away from a linear economy (which produces and then trashes materials) to a ‘CIRCULAR ECONOMY’ which redefines products and services to design waste out, while minimising negative impacts. It is underpinned by a transition to renewable energy sources, the circular model builds economic, natural and social capital. Most importantly it acknowledges that we have just ONE PLANET with finite resources. \
It’s a subject full of possibilities and we’ll have time for chat and sharing of ideas.

Circular economy

Join us on December 13th at 7.30pm in the Gateway Building at the Polhill campus at the Unviersity of Bedfordshire in Bedford. (Ground floor, Rm G011).
Free event, but donations welcome.



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