POPULATION BOOM documentary film, Wednesday February 8th 7-9.30pm



Award-winning Austrian film maker Werner Boote here asks an important question  “How many people are too many?” And the answer may surprise you.

The facts seem fairly simple. A mere 25 years ago, the global population was at 5 billion people. Today, it’s at 7 billion. With dwindling resources,  toxic pollution, ongoing issues with hunger and poverty, and the threat of climate change, one simply has to ask if it all results from overpopulation. To find out, Boote travels the globe (United States, Bangladesh, India, Mexico, China, Austria, Kenya, Japan) examining both the facts and the myths of population yet doing so with an open mind and a quiet sense of humor. Speaking with the expected range of people, from scientists to researchers to activists, Boote is unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom and comes up with a rather surprising conclusion.

Boots takes what could be difficult material and he makes it accessible and entertaining And his message is an important one.

Do join us on Wednesday February 8th 7-9.30pm at the University of Bedfordshire Polhill’s campus. We’ll be in Room G201 (second floor) of the Gateway Building. Everyone welcome, there’s always plenty of time for discussion and ideas for action  and it’s free, although donations help us with any costs.

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