Join us on Wednesday January 11th for our first free film screening of 2017, with three short films on a climate theme which we hope will inspire discussion and action.  All welcome. It’s free but donations welcome to cover our costs!

1) The Case for Optimism. This was Al Gore’s TED talk from earlier in 2016 showing the considerable achievements so far which provide hope for the future on climate change.

2) A Time to Cycle. A group of climate campaigners who use cycling en masses to raise awareness of climate change by sharing knowledge and building solidarity. (See

3) A film about Organic Lea. A film about a workers’ cooperative growing food on the outskirts of in the Lea Valley right on the outskirts of London. Some of our committee have visited and found it an energetic and inspiring place. (See

Everyone is welcome on the 11th. The event is free but donations welcome to cover costs.

Find us on the second floor of the large Gateway  BuiTime to cycle image.jpglding at the University of Bedfordshire Bedford campus, Polhill Avenue, in RM G201. (There will be signs onsite pointing the way!) There is plentiful onsite parking for bikes and for cars. (Lift sharing encouraged).



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