Going Backwards on Climate Change!

We’ll be supporting the Campaign Against Climate Change event in London on Sunday May 8th to demonstrate how the UK government is going backwards on its manifesto pledges to cut carbon and ameliorate global warming! See http://www.campaign.org for more details.

Here are the main recent policy changes that risk wrecking our climate:

Removing onshore wind subsidies – support for the cheapest form of clean energy will now end in April 2016 read more

Cuts to solar funding – endangering a vital industry in order to save households just 50p-£1.20 a year on bills. New community energy projects, which help not just our climate but have many benefits for local communities, will be far more difficult to establish read more

Making renewables pay the climate change levy – which was meant to encourage renewables – extending this tax to them it will cost the industry  £3.9 billion read more

Planning changes to block onshore wind – making it much more difficult to build wind turbines, even when schemes have community support. read more

More planning changes to fast-track fracking – only 16 weeks allowed for councils or ministers step in  read more

NEW: Even when councils reach a decision, ministers may overrule it (see above)

New tax breaks for fossil fuels – £1.3 billion more announced in March – no cuts here! read more

Scrapping the Green Deal for home insulation – What’s worse than the weak Green Deal scheme? No support at all for home insulation. read more

NEW: Osborne announced in his autumn statement that funding for grants for insulation and efficient boilers for low-income households would also be cut. read more

Scrapping the Zero Carbon Homes target – which was supported by housebuilders as well as environmentalists read more

Massive road-building plans – £15 billion road-building spree still going ahead amid austerity read more

Planning an unnecessary new runway in the South East (and quietly ditching previous pledges on Heathrow) – a new runway at Heathrow could emit the same amount of CO2 as the whole country of Kenya! read more

Removing tax incentives to buy less-polluting cars – more polluting cars will be cheaper to run, efficient ones, much more expensive under the new rules read more

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